Hi, we are Riki and Oron, passionate grillers, crazy in love, parents to Adam and Mia and the co-founders of Prime 6.

We created the company because we love to grill! We love inviting people over to eat, trying out new recipes – from flat breads and fajitas to kebabs and cookies! We’re never happier than when the kids are playing on a blanket outside, there’s music on the speakers, and we’re sizzling something delicious for dinner.


We put a lot of care and thought into our grilling – and into our charcoal too: That’s why we created Prime 6.


We’re so proud to bring this great product to people. It’s always been our dream to build a business that would align with our ideals about sustainability and the environment, nourish our passion for cooking, and make our kids proud!

We hope you love Prime 6 as much as we do.

Grilling. The way nature intended.

We love grilling, and a huge part of that is being out in nature. Give us a picnic blanket and a shady tree to sit under and we’re happy – and our kids are happy too! It really matters to us that we’re creating a sustainable product, that we know is better for the environment – and the future generations who will experience it.


That’s why we’re committed to making sustainable charcoal, from hardwood sawdust that would otherwise end up in landfill.


And for every pack purchased, we’re working with @onetreeplanted to plant a new tree.

Visit One Tree Planet to learn more about their initiative.